Hello, we are pleased to welcome you to the Restaurant Plus in Victoriaville.

The Plus offers a wide selection of dishes that are just as tasty as each other. You can taste it; seafood, steaks, fish, chicken, ribs, pasta, pizzas, burgers, poutines, Greek potato dish, combos and of course our excellent lunches with unlimited coffee. Our lunches are served until 2 p.m.

Our menu contains a multide of choices that will please all tastes

Discover our beers on tap, our Plus formula and our beverages

Discover our appetizers, our healty menu and our salad

Our chicken is excellent! and what about our succulent ribs

Premium beef and what about our veal…

Our variety of seafood and fish will please everyone!

Our combos will satisfy you and what about our pasta…

Our burgers, poutines, peels and sandwiches are simply delicious

Varied menus for children for lunch, dinner and supper

Our lunches are served until 2pm
They are all equally succulent…

Poutine and pizza lunch, pancakes, waffles and more…

Our lunches are not traditional… they will satisfy you!